Like many Japanese families, Japanese father @mohikan1974 holds monthly family meetings where important orders of the month are discussed. Everything from finances to chores is discussed. @mohikan1974 regularly updates his Twitter account with the on-goings of such meetings, and one particular story has sent a wave of heartwarmth through the Japanese Twitterverse.

@mohikan1974's son, Kazutoyo, has always wanted a Nintendo Switch. However, the system is rather expensive, so in a display of creative patience, Kazutoyo crafted his very own Nintendo Switch out of cardboard. While it may be seen as an appeal to get one (the father assumed so!), it's a rather adorable way of respecting the situation while trying to make the best of his limitations. He even made his own game for it, called "Adventures of the Prince Poop 3".

His mom even helped him make it the perfect size by getting him a Nintendo Switch cover so he could use it as a model as a Children's Day (Japanese holiday) gift. This, however, left Kazutoyo up for a pleasant surprise.

Sensing how badly Kazutoyo wanted a Nintendo Switch, and feeling touched and inspired by his diligence and creativity, the father finally went out and bought Kazutoyo his very own Nintendo Switch! But he didn't immediately present it to his son. Instead, he waited for his son to take a bath--and then he switched it--leaving the cardboard exterior intact.

The family made sure to capture the dramatic moment when Kazutoyo got out of his bath and noticed what had taken place. Perhaps the joyful son learned a lesson that instead of making a fuss, and trying to make the best of a situation with a little patience, all good things will come to those who wait.

By the way, if you're wondering about what happened to "Adventures of Prince Poop 2", Kazutoyo made it, along with his very own cardboard laptop, when he said he wanted a computer for a present.

We think he should start working on a cardboard Lamborghini pretty soon!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.