Recently, 4 new Pokemon manhole lids “Poke futa” (“Poke-lids” in English) were added in Kurashiki city, Okayama prefecture.

The new lids are of Lucario, Poochyena, Grookey and Unfezant, with a design portraying Kurashiki city’s different famous scenery spots. These are the first Poke-lids to be placed in Okayama prefecture.

Each of these “Poke-lids” is uniquely designed for the city. They are also an on-going project for the next years to come!

Just like all the other “Poke-lids” placed in over 190 locations throughout Japan, these new 4 lids will be an initiative to promote local goods and tourism of Kurashiki city to the rest of Japan and overseas.

In addition, these lids will also be used as Poke-stops in Pokemon Go.

By - Mugi.