Earlier this year, in an effort to address an estimated 33 tons of plastic waste their company produced per year, instant ramen giant Cup Noodle decided to replace the single plastic seal used to shut the lid of Cup Noodle products with a double-flapped lid that can be fastened shut while your ramen cooks.

While the simultaneously environmentally friendly and practical move by the company had many excited, what really pleased Cup Noodle fans were even more pleased to find out that the new double-lids resembled the ears of a cat, opening up to reveal a smiling kitty face inside in advertisements.

That was the case with Japanese Twitter user Asahina (@asahina_waki2), although upon opening their readied Cup Noodle lid with excitement for the cat, they were quickly informed by the face staring back that not all lids are the same!

Source: @asahina_waki2

Instead of a cat, Asahina was greeted by the not-so-enthused face of a Tibetan Sand Fox, made all the funnier by the fact that the animal is used in Japanese slang and memes for the flat look of being unimpressed, as Japanese teacher and VTuber @mochijapa explains.

Fortunately for cat lovers, however, many replied to the Tweet confirming that the surprise face lurking on the inside of the new eco-friendly lid is sometimes actually a friendly feline.

While some others have gotten the Tibetan Sand Fox and even, sometimes, nothing!

So far there doesn't seem to be other animal faces on the lids, but with Cup Noodles nearly endless variety of flavors, there's definitely room for more.

By - Big Neko.