Japanese companies Netco and TENEO have collaborated to dream up these charming pet houses using traditional origami techniques, and begun a crowdfunding project to realize them that is sure to please cat and small dog lovers.

The main material is a foldable eco-friendly strain of cardboard. The production team has also consulted Professor Jun Mitani ,a Tsukuba University professor part of an origami research lab, to ensure pets’ comfort while retaining the beauty of the origami structure. The main purpose of this project has been to integrate the Japanese tradition into modern lifestyle living. This project was a collaborative work between two parties; a new apparel brand, TENEO and an event marketing company, Nouvelle Vague.

The origami pet house is being designed in both bell and dome-shaped models.

Using their latest computer graphic technology for the designing process, they have created a beautiful yet comfortable space for pets that fits right into your modern home interior design.

Crowdfunding details and updates can be found at the Makuake project page.

Funding officially began on July 30th. Products will be available for mass retail in December once the crowdfunding project ends.

【Bell Shaped style】


 ・Height 48cm

 ・Diameter 53cm

【Dome shape style】


 ・Height 45cm

 ・Diameter 50cm

By - Mugi.