Tiny kitten Shisyamo lives with his loving owner @0707_Shisyamo ever since he was adopted in July, 2021.

One day, when the owner was vacuuming the house, she thought “Maybe Shiyamo would get scared of the noises”. So, she took him to the furthest couch in the room away from the vacuum.

Once finished vacuuming, she went to check on Shisyamo on the couch. The sight she saw then was so adorable she took two photos of Shisyamo, and it exploded to the tune of 237,000 likes!

Source: @0707_Shisyamo

Source: @0707_Shisyamo

He must have been so scared of the vacuum noises. The poor little thing was facing the corner of the sofa burying his face into it.

It is as if to say “What is this noise...”

There were many comments for the brave little kitty.

The cuteness overload… I’m dead.

He must have been so scared…! But his tiny back is just too cute!

My kitty also hated the noise of the vacuum cleaner! Please give him lots of pets.

According to the owner, next time she vacuums, she’ll be placing him in a separate room, so he won’t hear the noise and scare him

After being all curled up in a little ball on the sofa like this, Shisyamo must have had lots of treats to make up for it!

By - Mugi.