Kaldi Coffee Farm is a shop that sells a variety of food products including coffee, sweets, and imported goods. Their original products are also popular.

Their curry spread for toast, nutteyaitara karēpan ぬって焼いたらカレーパン, which means "just spread and toast it, and turn (your bread) into curry bread," is especially popular.

In order to find out if the product is really delicious, a writer at our sister site Grape actually tried it!

We'll introduce how to use it to make curry toast, how it tastes, and how to serve it.

What's a curry bread spread and how do you use it?

This seasoning spread is mainly made from dried mashed potatoes, dried onions, and curry seasoning. (You can see the full ingredient list here). The price is 306 JPY plus tax for 110 g (3.8 oz).

You can easily make curry-flavored toast by spreading it on bread and baking it in the oven or toaster oven.

When the writer opened it, there was an inner lid which she peeled off, releasing a spicy curry aroma that quickly permeated the room.

The spread had a crunchy texture to it but it wasn't too hard.

She put a good amount of spread on a slice of bread and baked it in the oven for about three minutes.

Look at this!

"What on earth does it taste like," the writer wondered...

Of course, she wasted no time finding out.

Does it live up to the hype? Time to try it!

The golden-brown color and spicy aroma whet her appetite.

As soon as she took a bite, she found it to be crunchier than she expected!

It's super crispy!

Although she had only used a spreadable product, her toast now had the texture of deep-fried curry bread!

Baking it only on one side seemed to work well, as it made the surface crispy while keeping the other side soft.

It was spicy, but the curry flavor was not so strong. The writer wondered if she should have spread it on a bit more thickly.

If you like curry flavor, you may want to use more.

Again, the texture was really surprising! She understood why this Kaldi curry bread spread was so popular. We can say it's a must-try item, especially if you enjoy the taste of curry.

As you may expect, its reputation online is also really good. Some satisfied customers posted comments such as:

  • "I was skeptical about whether it was going to be delicious, but it was."
  • "Ever since it was featured on TV, it's been sold out, and I can't buy it..."
  • "It's super good, and I recommend it."
  • "This is the best. It's easy to use and delicious!"

Variations with cheese and eggs

The curry bread is already delicious enough, but you might want to try adding some other ingredients.

Following some suggestions she saw online, the writer decided to try it with cheese and then with eggs. "These combinations must be tasty," she thought.

In order to keep the crispy texture, she added the ingredients after toasting the bread with the curry spread.

Variation with cheese

The writer put a slice of cheese on the toast which was already golden-brown and crispy with curry bread spread and put it back in the oven for another minute.

This time, she could smell the aroma of melted cheese.

Rich and creamy cheese is one of the best ways to make it your own.

It goes really well together!

The only thing is that the cheese flavor can overpower the curry, so we recommend you to use enough curry spread to balance out the flavors.

Variation with eggs

Another suggestion the Grape writer followed was using eggs.

She put a raw egg on the grilled curry toast and baked it on low heat for another two minutes.

Since it didn't cook through, she broke the yolk. It might not look very good, but the taste was great!

The mixture of the egg and curry gave it a deeper flavor.

However, it lost a bit of its crunchy texture, so if that's important for you, you may want to try something different.

For example, you could make a fried egg first and put it on top. You can also separate the whites before baking it so that only the yolk coats the toast.

In conclusion, you can easily enjoy the taste of curry bread at home with this convenient nutteyaitara karēpan ぬって焼いたらカレーパン from Kaldi Coffee Farm.

As for allergens, it may contain dairy, wheat and soy. You can find more information on ingredients and nutritional values at their official website here.

If you go looking for it, you should know it's often sold out. But if you are lucky enough to find it, give it a try!

By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).