Twitter user (@uni_okara0725) posts almost daily to update follower’s on the daily lives of Uni the Mame Shiba and Okara the golden retriever, as seen in the video below.

One day, the pet owner witnessed Uni during potty time on the potty tray used for indoor use.

The owner couldn’t help but post a picture of Uni on Twitter. Here’s a look at the scene.

Uni holding her ground

Reproduced with permission from 豆柴うに&ゴールデンレトリバーおから (@uni_okara0725

Uni has all four legs firmly planted and almost looks like a toy plushie. So cute!

Uni has received lots of attention on Twitter. The photo was already liked 33,000 times!

Users were delighted by the sight of Uni.

  • My heart flutters at this too-cute size pup.
  • The destructive power is too much. I’m healed by the way she’s concentrating on her toilet time in her corner.
  • It’s like a stuffed animal. I want to live with her…!

Little Uni, everyone is so proud of you!

By - Mujo.