If you put most people around a singing bird for any extended amount of time, you likely won't be able to hear whatever tune the bird is singing over a string of angry cuss words. This feathery singer from Japan, however, would probably make friends of a few Final Fantasy fans!

His name is Maru, and he's a cockatiel (not to be confused with the recurring enemy Cockatrice in the beloved video game series) with a special talent for singing and doing impersonations, according to his owner's Twitter account.

His singing repertoire actually includes some pretty big hits like "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Heigh Ho!", so he's no stranger to making fans of big series happy. Thus it comes as no surprise that his owner made sure to let the Twitterverse know that "Since earlier, he's just been singing the FF victory fanfare!"


Ok, so maybe that would get annoying after a while, especially since the owner claims that Maru has it on loop, but wouldn't you like to carry him around on your shoulder to sing the victory fanfare anytime you successfully completed even the most mundane of tasks? It's about as close to a pet Chocobo as you'll get!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.