In the past, Great Big Story has taken a look at fascinating aspects and adventures in Japan, such as the story of an indebted fish who has been visiting with an elderly diver at an underwater shrine for 30 years, as well as the delicious and gorgeous world of traditional Japanese sweets. One of their latest videos dives into the phenomenon of jimmenseki, or rocks that resemble human faces, and the museum in Japan dedicated to them!

Yoshiko Hayama runs Chineskikan, a museum that houses an assortment of peculiar stones that look like human faces, located in Saitama prefecture's Chichibu. The video tells her story of collecting the strange rocks with her father, and how she carries on his legacy at the museum, which is now attracting tourists from all over Japan and the world with it's collection of stones that look like Elvis Presley, Donald Trump, and cats--among other things! Take a look and enjoy.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.