We're Smart® World, a trusted name in plant-based cuisine, has announced this year's World's Best Vegetable Restaurants. "La Distillerie" in Luxembourg, led by Chef René Mathieu, won the World's Best Vegetable Restaurant Award for the second year in a row.

The We're Smart® World team visits and evaluates hundreds of restaurants around the world. The selection criteria are restaurants where at least two-thirds of the menu are fruits and vegetables, as well as a high level of quality and creativity, and demonstrating concern for ecological footprint and social impact.

Discoveries Award Winner Tsu.Shi.Mi

From Japan, Tsu.Shi.Mi (Tokyo), led by Chef Seiji Tsukimi, won a Discovery Award.

Comments from Chef Seiji Tsukimi

I believe that the We're Smart® Discovery Award is an important opportunity to promote the diversity of Japanese ingredients grown on Japanese soil to the world. Even though I have been pursuing Japanese seasonal vegetables for many years, I still get a lot of inspiration and imagination from the diversity and potential of vegetables in creating new dishes and menus. I will continue to pursue the diversity and possibilities of plant-based cuisine, and I hope that customers around the world will experience dishes at Tsu.Shi.Mi that reflect the exciting potential of the fruits of the earth in their own unique ways.

Seiji Tsushimi 都志見セイジ, Chef, Tsu.Shi.Mi (Tokyo)

Japan's top ten plant-based restaurants

Here is the complete list of plant-based restaurants* selected this year by the We're Smart® World team:

* "plant-based" according to the abovementioned We're Smart World criteria

  • Villa Aida (Wakayama), Chef Kanji Kobayashi
  • NARISAWA (Tokyo), Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa
  • Tsu.Shi.Mi (Tokyo), Chef Seiji Tsujimi
  • Sōjiki Nakahigashi 草喰なかひがし (Kyoto), Chef Hisao Nakahigashi
  • L'Effervescence レフェルヴェソンス (Tokyo), Chef Shinobu Namae
  • Mutsukari 六雁 (Tokyo), Chef Yoshihisa Akiyama
  • Sōgo 宗胡 (Tokyo), Chef Daisuke Nomura
  • Miyamasō 美山荘 (Kyoto), Chef Hisato Nakahigashi
  • Erba da Nakahigashi エルバ ダ ナカヒガシ (Tokyo), Chef Toshifumi Nakahigashi
  • FARO ファロ (Tokyo), Chef Kōtarō Noda

Villa Aida's Chef Kanji Kobayashi

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