When it comes to commercials, you just never know what to expect from Japan. Japanese advertisers are experts at making weird commercials that’ll leave a lasting impression, whether it has the stoic Tommy Lee Jones playing an alien who loves his coffee, or it’s one with a woman keeping a straight expression as water gushes out of her nose like a waterfall.

The latest weird Japanese commercial doesn’t have humans (or humans playing aliens) as its stars but has a bunch of dancing rabbits instead. You can watch it below. We want you to see if you can guess what the commercial is for before you get to the end.

The commercial is for Domino’s Pizza Japan’s Tsukimi Quattro pizza. Tsukimi (月見) is a Japanese festival that takes place every autumn. The name translates to “moon-viewing,” which is the main activity for the festival along with displaying decorations and eating special types of food.

In recent years, restaurants in Japan have been adding limited-time “tsukimi” menu items to coincide with the festival period. These items typically have sliced eggs to represent the “moon” portion of the moon-viewing festival, and it’s common to see big fast-food chains advertising their tsukimi menu.

That explains the moon, but why rabbits? In Japan, instead of a "man in the moon," it is said that one can make out the shape of a rabbit pounding mochi rice cakes. The association between the rabbit and the moon is based on an episode in the Buddhist Jataka tales and is reflected in the folklore of China, Japan, India, Korea, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. No matter the reason, we can be happy we get to enjoy a little rabbit dance!

By - Jen Laforteza.