For many, the defining example of a Hollywood actor advertising products in Japanese commercials may not even be an actual one, but the character Bill Murray portrayed in Lost in Translation to hold up a glass of whisky and say, "For relaxing times, make it Suntory time." The real life go-to example these days actually endorses the same company, but instead of whisky, it's canned coffee, and instead of a jaded star doing it against his will, it's Tommy Lee Jones.

Since 2006, Tommy Lee Jones has been doing a series of commercials advertising Suntory's Boss Coffee (canned coffee) playing the character of "Alien Jones." Alien Jones is an alien (if that wasn't clear from his name) who is visiting earth and observing humans in Japan as he works a variety of jobs. While many Hollywood stars film one-off commercials in Japan, perhaps part of the reason the Boss Coffee series has lasted so long is that Tommy Lee Jones is said to love spending time in Japan, and is also very committed to the role of a dry, befuddled, but somewhat inspired by human character alien.

Proof of this is in the latest commercial from Boss, in which Alien Jones imparts crucial advice to earthlings in order to get through the novel coronavirus pandemic. Using appropriate clips from previous commercials, he advises washing your hands (in a waterfall), wearing a mask (floating in space), exercising (dancing as a police officer), and not giving up as we prioritize life over convenience or fun to fight another day.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.