The seemingly ubiquitous presence of vending machines in Japan can be a bit surprising for first time visitors, but even more surprising is probably just how much more than simple drinks and snacks can be purchased from them. High quality dashi, spicy mapo soup, and pizza are just a few of the more unusual vending machines found in Japan.

Japanese Twitter user Shin (@shinru72824) may have just discovered one of the most surprising yet. Shin recently caused quite a crowd to race over to Kyoto when he shared photos of a vending machine that offers classic French cuisine!

He shared the photos with the caption "Near the Kyoto Imperial Palace, there's an authentic French cuisine vending machine!"

Source: @shinru72824

The unusual vending machine is stocked with sets of French cuisine meals, and appears to also have salad dressing as well. Here's some of the mouthwatering dishes we were able to spot on display!


Seared Tamba Highland pork

Marinated Salad and Carrots

Grated Apple in Japanese Sauce


Smoked fish and Chef's whimsical Hors d'oeuvre Salad


Homemade tender chicken breast

Grilled vegetables

Plum marinade


Country style pate

Pate de Campagne


Braised beef cheek croquette

Potato based & braised beef cheeks


Braised beef cheeks in red wine with mashed Naruto Kintoki sweet potatoes


Seared chicken thigh

Porcini cream stew

Source: @shinru72824

Source: @shinru72824

Shin, of course, couldn't resist the urge to find out what French cuisine from a vending machine tastes like, so he purchased what appears to be the braised beef cheeks in red wine with mashed Naruto Kintoki sweet potatoes. He shared a photo of the meal, saying it was very satisfying, easy to serve, affordable (most meals in the machine appear to be under 1,000 yen) and beyond his imagination. He also adds that had he been able to properly plate it, it would be just like eating at a restaurant.

After sharing his discovery on Twitter, the gourmet vending machine attracted a lot of attention and popularity (as well as others chiming in to say how delicious the meals are) to the point of it currently being out of stock (as of September 22nd). Once it gets a fresh new batch, we might have to take a trip to Kyoto!

By - Big Neko.