Source: @Play_shoot

Man discovers dogs adorable tail wagging reflex

It's very well-known fact that dogs often express their feelings with their tails.

For example, when they are lowering their tails while wagging, it means they are uncertain or concerned about the situation, as opposed to when raising their wagging tails when happy and excited.

This depends on the dog’s personality and traits, and is not always absolute. However, Furoya (@Play_shoot) just could not figure out what his dog was feeling when he saw the way his dog was wagging its tail.

Take a look at the video below.

Well, you can totally understand why Furuya was confused. I mean, what on earth does this mean??

It does not even look like a dog tail from this video, doesn’t it? Apparently, many viewers agreed, too, leaving many doubtful comments.

Rest assure, we verified that it indeed was a dog. (On the right)

It is such an unusual way for a dog to wag its tail like this. But somehow, it has addictive components to it that makes you want to watch it on repeat, doesn’t it?

It was merely a 15 second video, but it received over 100k likes and countless number of people are now addicted to this dog’s tail wagging action!

It is such a silly way of wagging a tail that you can’t help but to smile when you see this!

By - Mugi.