Whether you live with your family or friends, shared living means sharing the bathroom. On busy days when the kids have to go to school and adults to work, the bathroom can be a battleground.

"Hurry up!" "Wait a minute!" "I’m almost finished…"

Twitter user (@FakeYashu)’s family lives in Shiga Prefecture, home to Biwako, Japan’s largest lake.

Yashu has 4 kids so you can imagine that bathroom time is quite a commodity in their home.

Yashu also has 4 cats, and they all make the occasional appearance on the family-focused Twitter account.

These aren’t your average cats. They’re huge!

And of course because we’re talking about toilets, yes, these cats have a thing for their family’s bathroom.


First up we have Yashu’s 3-year-old son who was headed to the bathroom before bedtime. The toilet was occupied, but the occupant forgot to lock the door so the toddler barged right in. Let’s see what happened next…

Reproduced with permission from やしゅう☻ (@FakeYashu)

Reproduced with permission from やしゅう☻ (@FakeYashu)

Reproduced with permission from やしゅう☻ (@FakeYashu)

Reproduced with permission from やしゅう☻ (@FakeYashu)

Well, well, well… look who we have here. If it isn’t Toyo the gigantic white cat lazing on top of the toilet.

The story goes that Toyo is too big for Yashu’s son to move out of the way. Cats 1, humans 0.

Round 2

This round features 2 different participants, Tuna the giant brown kitty and Yashu’s 1-year-old daughter.

However, this time is more cooperation than battle. Apparently the cats in Yashu’s house have developed a system where they sit in front of the bathroom door until one of the kids comes and opens it for them to do… what exactly?

Well, now we know why the cats are so interested in the bathroom.

All that delicious, fresh, running water is not to be wasted when there’s thirsty felines around!

I think that’s another point for the cats, but maybe we just call it a tie. This family knows how to cooperate so that everyone wins!

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By - Mujo.