Japanese artist Seiradou (@seiradou12) may need to be careful not to develop a god complex when applying their craft, as the talented "handmade artist" is turning heads on Twitter by building paperweight-sized fantasy-inspired ruins and universes out of resin, and intricately placed gears and watches.

Seiradou has recently gained a lot of attention on Twitter of a "Galactic Borderland". "Seira" translates to "aligning countless stars", and that concept is reflecting in Seiradou's work, which can be fully appreciated in a video of the finished product featured at the Tokyo Design Festival.

Scenery contained in Seiradou's beautiful palm-sized orbs includes castle ruins, solar systems, and gear-filled steampunkish wonderlands. Here are a few standout pieces.

For more of Seiradou's brilliant work, follow on Twitter and visit their official website as well.

By - Big Neko.