Autumn is the perfect time to indulge in a green tea parfait (much like every other time of the year). The art of the green tea parfait has been taken to new heights by various tea houses across Japan, and Saryo Fukucha’s new offerings may be contenders for the title of the classiest parfaits out there.

They’ve been created as limited time only menu additions for autumn and combine Fukucha’s green tea expertise with some seasonal ingredients. The two timely treats contain different types of green tea, perfect for tea enthusiasts to sample.

The first option is a matcha chestnut parfait. The faintly bitter matcha cream is the perfect bed for a chestnut topping, and inside there’s white peach, red peas, mochi, matcha syrup, and warabi mochi. The stylish clear portion that cuts through the middle of the bright green components looks like a glass trick. But it’s edible like the rest of the parfait, made of mizu manju, also known as raindrop jelly.

The other parfait is made with hojicha rather than matcha. This is a type of roasted green tea, known for its toasty flavour and reddish brown hue. The hojicha chestnut parfait contains a lot of the same things as the matcha one, but of course, it has a perfectly autumnal brown colour. It has hojicha cream, figs, red peas, mizu manju, warabi mochi and hojicha syrup.

Both parfaits will be available from 1st October until 31st December 2021, but only ten will be sold per day. Each one costs 1320 yen and they can be enjoyed at Fukucha's two Kyoto branches.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.