If you are looking for a gym in Japan or are a fan of cycling, but don't know where to go, I recommend trying out Feelcycle.

In my home country, I loved going to spinning classes. Since coming to Japan (around seven years ago), I'd been looking into many places for gyms with a spinning program included. To my surprise, nothing came up when I searched online, so at some point, I just gave up and went to a regular gym.

However, I loved the intense atmosphere from the cycling class, and I’d been missing it so much that I decided to ask a couple of my gym friends if they knew of any place with this option.

That's how I discovered Feelcycle, a gym specializing in indoor cycling!

Fortunately for me, just when I decided to try it out, they were running a summer campaign so the prices were so much cheaper!

The website, registration process, and program were a bit difficult to figure out at first, but once you go a few times, you will get used to it.

Since I'm sure there are other cycling fans in Japan apart from myself, I'd like to share my experience and a couple of tips for those who’d like to join.

Aim for the campaign!

Feelcycle usually has trial campaigns that are a lot cheaper, so if you are not sure if you want to join or not, it is better to aim for those.

I went for a two-month trial and paid around 3,300 yen per month. Besides the fee, I also had to pay 1,550 yen for the membership card. I first checked the website and clicked the campaign option, registered, then scheduled my first lesson.

In the first lesson, you will only be able to participate in the beginner classes. The instructors will explain the rules and everything else (whether you having experience or not).

At the time of writing, they still have a two-month campaign with the same conditions, and you can check here to see the details. To register for the trial, you will need to click on the trial lesson reservation page (トライアルレッスン予約), enter your details, then schedule the lesson.

Booking a lesson

You can book a lesson after registering by using the reservation link above. All you need to do is choose a studio (I was lucky to have one close to my area), then a class you would like to join. Next, carefully choose your partner (your bike, that is). I recommend going for the BB1 Comp 1 and a bike somewhere in the middle. After that, you'll get a confirmation email and you'll be ready for the first lesson. You can also reserve a seat by logging in to “My Page.”

※Please note that the trial is an all-you-can-go campaign, so you can take up to 30 lessons per month (really cheap for just 3,300 yen!).

After getting the confirmation email, just complete the purchase, and you’re done.


To be honest, Feelcycle is quite pricey. After the trial period, you will need to inform them in advance if you want to quit or change the plan or not, or they will deduct the full 18,480-yen fee for the third month.

There are three plans you can choose from after the trial:

  • Continue with the "30 lessons per month and go everyday" plan: 18,480 yen
  • 15 times a month (3-4 times a week): 16,280 yen
  • 4 times a month (around once a week): 9,900 yen

What to bring and how to prepare

For your first lesson, you don’t need to bring anything in particular, as you can borrow anything you want free of charge. You need to arrive 30 minutes in advance so that the instructor can explain the rules and everything else you need to know about the classes. Also, allow some time at the end of the lesson to go through the contract again.

You will need another set of socks, underwear, and mask (during the pandemic). I recommend using a sports/cool and dry-type mask as it is much easier to breathe in.

For the first lesson, you can borrow the following items free of charge: towels (face and bath), sportswear (black T-shirt and pants), and cycling shoes. You also get a free bottle of water. From your second lesson on, you will need to bring everything but cycling shoes.


The shower room only has body soap, shampoo, and conditioner, so you might want to get a face wash, treatment, and a sponge, too. I also recommend getting a UV protection cream if you go during the day. What I liked to do was get a face mask and apply it when I was drying my hair.

The locker rooms also have makeup remover, lotion, cotton pads, and a dryer. The lockers are also easy to use, but remember your passcode! (I almost forgot it, so better keep that in mind). You are not allowed to bring your phone to the spinning classes or take photos in the locker.

Also, there is a policy regarding tattoos (however, I am not sure how strict it is, so if you have one, it is better to ask and make sure it is fine beforehand).


The programs have a couple of levels. The yellow one (BB1) is for beginners and is the lowest. It then goes up to yellow BB2, then to orange, light blue, purple, etc. Sometimes there are lessons focused only on one singer or one season, but most times, there are mixed playlists or a particular genre that you can choose from.

Classes continue until late, so you can always take a bit of time after work and have a good sweat (which also helps you sleep better!). In my case, it has been a while, so I was out of shape, and when I got home, I had a glass of milk and aspirin to make sure I didn't feel worse the next day (it was a tip from my friend, and it worked for me, too).

Instructors and atmosphere

The instructors are kind and full of energy, and the classes and atmosphere are great. You get a dose of energy and get to burn so many calories in just 45 minutes! The instructors also talk in English during the classes, and they transmit such positive vibes, so in my case, I always left the gym feeling a lot happier and a lot more confident and optimistic.

The cycling room gets darker during the lesson, and there is also a giant disco globe and lights that paint the room in different colors while you're pedaling.

The first lesson might get you a bit tired, but I am sure you will have a lot of fun, so be confident and go with the flow. I guarantee it is going to be the most mind-blowing experience ever!

If you want to know more details, check out Feelcycle's Official Website.


By - cinnamonellie.