Kirie, or traditional Japanese paper cutting, can produce some truly gorgeous art. Relying on painstaking and intricately carved designs, the art form can add a beautiful level of detail to text and stunning animal illustrations.

Talented Japanese kirie artist Erica (@Erica__kirie) is a fan of natural scenery, and it shows in recent photos of kirie she shared on Twitter that have been garnering a lot of praise.

Holding up her own meticulously crafted kirie illustrations up against natural backgrounds, she lets surrounding natural scenery and light color in the gaps of her paper at--resulting in an even more delightful work of art.

Source: @Erica__kirie

The blend of greenery and sunlight pouring through the gaps shows glittering green kimonos, dresses, and hair color that could all change with a simple move of the hand or by simply holding them up at a different time of day, making for a truly unique moment-to-moment illustration that looks just as charming as the work of an animation studio.

For even more awesome kirie artwork, be sure to follow Erica on Twitter.

By - Big Neko.