If you’re a sucker for an autumnal pumpkin patch and all the delicious goodies that come out of them, then this October-limited pancake made using organically grown ‘Kuririn’ pumpkins will have your inner autumn monster ready to pounce.

The dish uses organic JAS certified pumpkins from Hokkaido’s Organic Farm Miyo, and is available at all Cafe & Books Bibliotheque stores in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Kumamoto for the duration of October only.

Organic Farm Miyo, run by Pumpkin enthusiast Kiyoji Akai, is located in Mori-cho at the base of Hokkaido’s Mt. Komagatake. Mr. Akai credits Organic Farm Miyo’s continuous successful harvests to the fertile volcanic soil from eruptions of the active stratovolcano.
The pride of the farm is the Kuririn pumpkin, which is well-known for its rich taste and high sugar content. The sugar content of a single pumpkin from the farm can reach 20% (brix) or more, which makes the Kuririn pumpkin sweeter than a Yubari King Melon (which only boasts 10%).

The secret behind the creation of such a sweet and rich-tasting pumpkin lies in the process of its production. Though the soil is already extremely fertile, the farm adds mineral-rich marine compost to the land, which has helped to ensure a stable production of high-quality pumpkins each year.
When ready, the pumpkins are aged at a high temperature, which further brings out the sweetness and allows the farm to carefully control the gourd’s sugar content.

It is the magical sweetness of Kuririn pumpkins that, along with praline mousse – come together in Cafe & Books Bibliotheque’s October-only pancake – to recreate the flavours of autumn.
From the pancake dough, to the toppings and cream, every part of this limited-time pancake is packed with sweet pumpkin goodness.

Available during October only, the pancake is part of Cafe & Books Bibliotheque’s collaboration with FOOVEST; a food manufacturing and processing platform that connects local food producers with business vendors with the aim of developing new, delicious food products.

Organic pumpkin Mont Blanc cream pancake from Hokkaido’s Organic Farm Miyo

Price: 1,400 yen
Available dates: Friday 1st October – Sunday 31 October 2021
Location: Cafe & Books Bibliotheque stores nationwide

Cafe & Books Bibliotheque has three stores in Tokyo (Yurakucho, Jiyugaoka, Musashino), one store in Osaka, one store in Fukuoka and one store in Kumamoto. For more information on store locations and opening times, check out the official Cafe & Books Bibliotheque website.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.