Woman shows just how unbelievably tasty Japanese hospital food can be.

The quality of some hospital food can sometimes be enough to motivate oneself to miraculously recover, but perhaps Imgur and Reddit user jenkinsinjapan may be wishing for a few more bedridden days. After giving birth in Mito City, Ibaraki prefecture, Japan, jenkinsinjapan shared photos of the delicious hospital meals she was served daily, and they seem to be too good to believe for many. She writes that because her c-section wasn't planned, she was served the hospital's standard food course, which as it turns out, includes pancakes, steak, and other dishes that could pass as meals in a nice cafe. “My c-section wasn’t planned so the food I got wasn’t really pre-surgery food. I couldn’t eat most of it anyway!”

Pancakes for breakfast (while I was in labour–-my husband ate most of it)

Jenkinsinjapan does clarify that the hospital she was admitted to is particularly known for their food, so it would be a bit unfair to project this standard on every hospital in the country (although there are definitely some general hospitals that offer up what look to be great meals). “It was a little privately owned OB-GYN clinic, but the costs were mostly covered by standard insurance! (...)I paid some extra but what I paid was pretty standard for most hospitals in the area.”

Lunch while in labour

It may be anecdotal, but if you want to learn more about Jenkinsinjapan's Japanese hospital (food) experience, check out her threads on reddit. While it would be unfair to expect this level of quality at every hospital kitchen in Japan, it's not uncommon for patients (when in a situation where they can choose) to weigh the known quality of food when selecting a hospital. Stay healthy, and bon appetite!

Post C-section recovery food (I had 3-4 meals that were like this, only took a picture of this one)

First proper post-surgery meal

French toast for breakfast

Seafood pasta lunch

Afternoon snack

Evening meal

Japanese-style breakfast

Risotto for lunch

Afternoon snack

Birth celebration meal: starters (with non alcoholic sparkling wine)

Birth celebration meal: main course (steak!)

Birth celebration meal: dessert

Soup for breakfast

Pork for lunch

Afternoon snack

Pasta gratin for the evening meal

Final breakfast!

By - Big Neko.