Halloween is an annual celebration of frightful fun, but that doesn't mean every scare is one that was planned.

Japanese Twitter user @Mure_1642 found that out recently when they decided to make a Jack-o'-Lantern. As you can see, @Mure_1642 carved out what looked to be a pretty well made Jack-o'-Lantern.

Source: @Mure_1642

Unfortunately for @Mure_1642, their Jack-o'-Lantern attempt only proved to be a successful one for a while. As it turns out, they carved their pumpkin creation a little too early, and on the day before Halloween, the Jack-o'-Lantern underwent quite the creepy transformation! @Mure_1642 shared the spooky change with the caption "I finally made it and now that Halloween is approaching, it's turned into a vengeful spirit what should I do?"

Source: @Mure_1642

Fortunately for @Mure_1642, the pumpkin's new look fits perfectly in with the holiday. While making it a bit too early resulted in it drying out and shriveling up, the ghoulish makeover makes it an even more effective Halloween decoration!

By - Big Neko.