Roger Goulart is an established Spanish winery known for its high-quality sparkling wine that goes through a long maturation process.

Roger Goulart Japan has announced that top cosplayer Enako has been chosen to be their official spokesperson. Enako will represent their fine products in promotional videos (links: 1, 2, 3) on their official website, as well as promotional items for sale. Additionally, they are offering complimentary original acrylic stands designed by Enako to 20 people each month as a promotional campaign.

Enako is in promotional videos on the website such as “Becoming a spokesperson” and “Cheers with Enako!”

Roger Goulart was founded in 1882, and is known for its high-quality Cava (a sparkling wine produced in a similar process as French Champagne). It has been at the top of the premium Cava in Japan since its products were first released in the Japanese market in 1997. Cava requires a minimum of 9 months for its maturation process. However, at Roger Goulart, they allow their most popular bottle, Rose Brut, to mature for 14-18 months, and Gran Reserva for 48 months. This creates its signature deep flavor that no other Cava has.

If you're a fan of Enako, or would like to try a good quality sparkling wine, check out the website and see what you can find!

Make sure to join the campaign to get your free acrylic stand by following them on SNS!


Roger Goulart


By - Mugi.