Diehard fans of video games will find this occurrence very relatable. After spending as many waking hours as possible on a new game, it can even start appearing in one’s dreams.

Comparisons to this phenomenon seemed apt to one pet owner, after observing a very cute habit of this adorable kitten, a male munchkin cat called Chata.

The owner uploaded a video of the kitten sleeping to Twitter, and it gained over 27 thousand retweets and 125 thousand likes. The caption reads, ‘is he playing Taiko no Tatsujin in his sleep?’. For those who don’t know, Taiko no Tatsujin is a rhythm game often found in arcades, based on traditional Japanese drumming. It requires the player to beat the drum in time to the music by following the onscreen cues, and this kitty seems to be getting some extra practice in.

After watching the video, the reason for the comparison is obvious. The cat appears to be engaging in some rhythmical drumming on his own belly, while fast asleep.

If you want to see more of Chata’s super cute antics, check out the owner’s Twitter page which has plenty of photo and video updates to enjoy!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.