You don't need to check with a seasoned cat lover to know that kitties are a great source of amusing photography. On Twitter, Japanese cat fans annually celebrate this using the hashtag #猫の写真へたくそ選手権, which basically translates to "poorly taken photos of cats championship."

Japanese Twitter user Koyane (@Silver81106) has recently shared a photo of their cat that may slide into a contender for the year.

At the very least it lives up to the caption she posted it with, which reads "my family cat has a very high grade in art.". We can't say we disagree!

Source: @Silver81106

The perfectly time photo shows Koyane's family cat, likely deep in sleep and dreaming, blowing a perfect sphere of a snot bubble out of its nose. The photo has received a lot of praise and attention not just in Japan, but around the world, with many commenting that is looks like a manga panel brought to life.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.