This year marks the 15th anniversary of Japanese convenience store FamilyMart’s popular fried chicken Famichiki, a chunk of fried chicken that’s been such a hit with fans it's been turned into potato chips and the store sells buns to turn it into a fried chicken sandwich.

To celebrate this milestone, Family Mart is releasing a new home kit item, “Famichiki at-home set” available on Rakuten Market.

The home kit consists of a set of frozen Famichiki and Famichiki deep-fry oil.

For fans of Famichiki, it’s mouthwatering to think that you can now enjoy the freshly cooked Famichiki at the comfort of your home.

Famichiki deep-fry oil is, in fact, specially made for FamilyMart staff to use when makingFamichiki, a result of collaborative research with J-Oil Mills for better and improved oil to cook Famichiki.

For the first time, FamilyMart will be making their own high quality canola and corn based hybrid cooking oil, specialized Famichiki itself, available for public sale.

This is not only perfect for trying out your own Famichiki, but can also be used for your own deep-fry recipes at home.

The kit, available at Rakuten Market, includes 10 frozen boneless Famichiki and two bottles of 600g Famichiki deep fry oil.

It also comes with an originally designed leisure sheet, and is priced at 2,837 yen. It is only available as a set to purchase.

By - Mugi.