The sandwich section of Japanese convenience stores can often offer seasonal specialties that cause a double-take, such as pudding sandwiches, but one that has become a mainstay and somewhat of a popular phenomenon is the fruit sandwich. "Fruutsu sando" (fruit sandwiches), place whipped cream and slices of fruit in between slices of fluffy white bread in what has recently turned into a dessert gourmet hit in Japan.

Japanese convenience store Lawson is now putting a green tea spin on the fruit sandwich with their new Strawberry Milk Sandwich with Matcha Bread!

While the whipped cream and strawberry filling is a mainstay of Lawson's fruit sandwiches, the new release introduces fluffy white bread that has the highly praised Uji matcha powder kneaded into it, making it a bitter but sweet treat for green tea lovers.

The Strawberry Milk Matcha Bread sandwich is currently available at Lawsons throughout Japan (except for Okinawa) for 368 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.