Goku no Kimochi THE LABO, who recently made waves introducing the world’s first edible bread mask, has announced they will be working to offer a new Hotel Living experience to approximately 25 people that are 21 years-old or younger in the Tenseien Annex in from the period of October 20th to the beginning of February 2022 for free of charge.

The Tenseien Annex is a 14-story building directly connected to Odawara Station with a restaurant with a view on the top floor. The hotel is equipped with a restaurant with a view on the top floor and a hot spring spa, and opened in December last year. The rooms will be for one person per room in the Tabago area, which is a reproduction of an Edo inn on the premises.

The eligibility for this project is that applicants must be 21 years old or younger, and able to stay in the hotel for either 10 days or a month at a time. All participants must “Pursue one’s goals and work on what will lead to one’s future”. Everyone is free to pursue their own goals and projects, which can be both artistic or career based. Also, one can work on their own, or with other participants in the hotel.

There is also an option to relocate to THE LABO’s new facility “The Deserted island Tree House” to continue with the work if the timing aligns.

The goal of the project is to help young people pursuing their dreams and while also helping the struggling tourism economy at the same time by funding hotels.

Living in a high quality hotel definitely has its appeal, and THE LABO’s new project looks to make that dream come true while also doing some good in the process.

You can find official details at the project’s website.

By - Mugi.