Japanese sake shop Shuhankakuzen is starting a Crowdfunding project on website “READYFOR” , aiming to “deliver the best sake and time you’ve had” , crafting a sake that goes perfectly with Japanese food by using Suji Aonori (Seaweed), Pomelo and Gyokuro (high quality Japanese green tea) as its main ingredients.

Fonia, the new sake, is not meant to be your typical sake. It’s crafted to be enjoyable for even those who are not a fan of Japanese sake, boasting a rather refreshing finish and reduced distinctive sake flavor, which makes it easier to pair with meals.

As one of the producers is from Kochi prefecture, they are using locally sourced ingredients from Kochi, and have intentionally made it to go well with Striped Tuna sashimi, a well-known Kochi delicacy.

Product details

Amount: 500 ml

Alc: 15%

Rice ratio: 70%

Crowdfunding homepage

There are many other perks for joining the fund early on. Take a look and don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of this special and tasty project!

By - Mugi.