The variety of flavors Japanese Kit Kats are available in, often inspired by seasonal and regional delicacies, make them popular souvenirs for travelers from abroad. One of the fan favorites among these Japan-exclusive Kit Kats are a collaborative series with traditional Japanese sake breweries that has introduced premium sake Kit Kats and plum wine Kit Kats.

The latest in that series was just announced on September 5th, and it infuses the classic chocolates with a liqueur flavored after one of the most popular citrus found in Japanese cuisine. Say hello to Bijofu Yuzu Sake Kit Kats!

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit known for its tart but refreshing flavor and fragrance, and Koichi prefecture is the largest producer of yuzu in Japan. That's why Nestle Japan has teamed up with Koichi-based brewery Bijofu to create the new citrus sake Kit Kats. Bijofu's popular yuzu liqueur, made from sake and freshly squeezed yuzu juice, and kneads a powdered and cream form of it into a white chocolate Kit Kat wafer for an elegant but sharp citrus taste.

The collaboration is in part spearheaded by former soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata, who became a sake connoisseur following his career and took interest in the project as a means of making lesser known breweries and Japanese alcohol more popular throughout the world.

The Yuzu Sake Kit Kats are now on sale (not for a limited time, they're permanent!) and can be found at airports, gift shops, and Kit Kat Chocolatories throughout Japan.

By - Big Neko.