Japanese Twitter user Edama えだま (@kissshot51) is an action figure enthusiast with a great sense of humor. Leveraging Twitter's format allowing 1 to 4 images per post, he creates single-panel compositions or multiple panels in the style of a 4-panel manga, sometimes adding subtitles for dialogue. His posts are very popular, consistently garnering thousands, often tens, and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of likes.

He not only uses figures and action figures from popular film series (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pixar works, Studio Ghibli works, etc.), video games (Monster Hunter), tokusatsu (Ultraman, etc.) and anime franchises (Evangelion, Case Closed, Anpanman, Doraemon, Crayon Shin-Chan, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, but also Japanese TV personalities (like the famous Japanese comic duo Downtown), and more.

Featuring in the "more" category is one of Edama's more recent acquisitions, a Waldo action figure from the ever-popular "Where's Waldo?" (or "Where's Wally?") series.

Maybe it was something about his beady eyes set in black-framed glasses or the imperturbable smile on his lips, or maybe it was his cane, but it was already clear from comments reacting to Edama's new arrival that the fun that would soon play out on his Twitter feed would diverge from the wholesome kid-friendly image the character was known for.

"I can already sense some madness in the works... So Edama's gotten hold of him..."

And the suspicion was warranted. In his first outing with his new figure, Edama imagines what would happen if Ron Weasley from Harry Potter got on Waldo's bad side.

Image used with permission from Edama えだま (@kissshot51)

"So, you must be the one who put a mark in my book in the library."

Tanjiro might have mistaken the striped newcomer for a demon but Waldo didn't even flinch...

Image used with permission from Edama えだま (@kissshot51)

Evangelion Unit-01 is no match for Waldo either...

AT Field? What AT Field?...

Image used with permission from Edama えだま (@kissshot51)

This Waldo doesn't like being the butt of a joke, so it's no surprise he didn't appreciate the veteran manzai comic duo Downtown of Hitoshi Matsumoto and Masatoshi Hamada. Hamada, the straight man of the pair, might have particularly gotten on Waldo's nerves when he tried to smack him in the typical manzai style.

Image used with permission from Edama えだま (@kissshot51)

"If you stop looking for me, I'll let you have your partner back."

Realizing that it was no joking matter, the duo got serious and teamed up for their revenge...

Downtown: "Kill Waldo!"

Final panel - Waldo: "Did you think you could beat me if there were two of you?"

But it's OK. Waldo forgives them. Look, he's even willing to play along, and just in time for Halloween. Trick or treat?


To check out more action figure hilarity, head for Edama's Twitter account here. (Fans of the Uma Musume: Pretty Derby franchise may also be happy).

By - Ben K.