Steam Bread Ebisu, Japan’s first steam bread specialty shop, has rebranded as Steam Bread Tokyo and is officially reopened on October 14th. The shop has unveiled many new menu items and service options. These include a half loaf size bread, as well as premium menu items such as a Truffle Omelet Sandwich, and a seasonal steamed sweet potato fruit sandwich--Steam Oimo Sandwich, all made with their special steaming process. In addition, they are starting a new stress-free subscription service to deliver bread to your door.

To make the shop’s shokupan ( fluffy white bread, usually served as breakfast toast in Japan) more versatile, they will be coming up with many premium-line menus in limited quantities, including premium sandwich options.

Truffle Omelet Sandwich (1,100 yen)

This sandwich combines popular cheesy omelet bread and truffles together for the first of Steam Bread’s premium offerings. Black truffles top the rich flavor of the omelet for a gooey but melt in your mouth sandwich.

Steam Oimo Sandwich (750 yen)

The new fruit sandwich and Halloween sweet is quite nutritious, containing 100 times the Beta Carotene of regular sweet potatoes. Instead of baking, it has been steamed to retain the nutrition and moisture, creating the gooey texture inside. They chose lighter whipped cream so that you can enjoy the sweetness of the potatoes for a new fruit sandwich experience.

Half-size loaf

Steam Bread Tokyo will also be offering a half-size loaf is for customers only buying for one person, as there have been many requests from customers for a smaller size.

Steam Bread Tokyo will also be starting a monthly subscription delivery service that can be canceled or restarted at any time. The first option (2,980 yen) includes Steam Bread (Half loaf), Steam Bread Toast (Half loaf), Steam Bread Cream Cheese (half loaf), and 1 jar of Truffle butter. While a second option (5,480 yen) includes Steam Bread (half loaf), Steam Bread Toast (half loaf), Steam Bread Cheese (half loaf), 2 jars of Truffle butter, and 2 packages of 3 rusks.

More information and menu updates can be found at Steam Bread Tokyo's homepage.

By - Mugi.