While the stress some animals face when they must take a visit to the dreaded vet is no joke, many pet owners will tell you that the situation can provide for some rather hilarious reactions, especially upon the moment of realization as well as before the vet hasn't even begun to see the furry patient.

Japanese Twitter user @ch17293037 recently shared such an experience with his dog, Leo. Previously excited to jump in the car and perhaps head to the dog park, Leo was apparently able to sniff out that something different was afoot.

The moment he realized he was about to be on his way to take a shot, Leo shot an absolutely epic and adorable side glance for the ages at the camera.

Source: @ch17293037

Leo is obviously none-too-thrilled to be headed to get his shot, resulting in an adorably disdainful look he, according to his owner, made when he was was told "We're going to get you your shot now!"

Hopefully Leo was rewarded with his anticipated trip to the dog park, and nobody accidentally says the word "shot" around him.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.