Japanese Twitter user Kina (@kinaco_bd) stumbled upon some "interesting" produce at the supermarket recently.

This photo was taken at said supermarket. When Kina walked passed the local veggie section, she couldn’t help but snap a photo of Daikon radishes on shelves that were “just too cute”--or "sexy" depending on your view. In Japan, harvested daikon that appear to be suggestively crossing their "legs" are jokingly referred to as "sexy daikon."

Take a look at those unique looking Daikon radishes!

Source: @kinaco_bd

It looks as if these daikon are people, just chillaxing, so nonchalantly.

They gathered deformed veggies, with their tips split grown, on the display shelves in an attempt to attract customer’s attention.

People on Twitter seem to agree!

All sorts of Daikon; from cute to sexy!

Daikon asking for a good home! The one in the middle is the cutest!

It almost looks like they are sitting in a sauna, saying “Ahhhh yess….”

These Daikons are so adorable. Makes me want to just take them home with me!

Daikon have many personalities and styles depending on who looks at them, so it seems!

I think it’s safe to say that their marketing strategy was a success, since there are more and more people noticing and adoring these cute Daikon radishes every day, and wanting to take home with them!

By - Mugi.