Nagasaki Bio Park is a nature and ecological park where visitors can interact with both plants and animals. Visitors can feed hippos, pet capybaras, and interact with more than 15 different kinds of animals.

A video taken by a zookeeper has become a hot topic on Twitter with over 257,000 views at the time of writing.

It would seem that zookeepers decided to challenge an ostrich to a "dance-off":

"We did an experiment to see if this ostrich would dance with zookeepers"

The keepers are more excited than the ostrich!

The ostrich flapped its wings alternately as the male zookeeper danced passionately, the pair looking like lovers who had just successfully proposed to each other, which is appropriate since the ostrich was doing his mating dance.

However, the female zookeeper who appeared next didn't seem to have the right moves, her uninspired gesticulations provoking an indescribable expression on the ostrich's face, as if to say: "I don't know what you're doing."

Many people left comments, such as:

  • "The ostrich dance was so perfect that it made me laugh."
  • "I think they should get married now."
  • "It's too funny."
  • "Just looking at this heartwarming video makes me smile."

At Nagasaki Bio Park, visitors are welcome to dance just like in the video. Just make sure to give it your all like the first zookeeper or you'll only be rewarded with a puzzled look...

If you want to shake your tail feather with ostriches and interact with other animals too, hightail it to Nagasaki Bio Park the next time you're in that neck of the woods.

By - Ben K.