The Bluecoco stores announced the release of a new selection of sophisticated sweets starting from October 25th.

The idea came from eating delicious desserts made by pastry chefs and enjoying a bit of luxury no matter where you are.

You can treat yourself to something delicious when you’re out camping, during a picnic, or even at home after a long day of work.

The newly released sweets, named "Jewelry Ponyo" (no connection to the Studio Ghibli film), look as precious as jewels. Just by taking a glance, many wouldn’t realize that the desserts are cream puffs (very luxurious ones)!

The concept for these desserts are jewels, and they come in an elegant box that includes five flavors: strawberry, chocolate, rare cheesecake, Mont Blanc, and pistachio.

The sweets, carefully coated in premium chocolate, also have a colorful and rich appearance.

Compared to a normal-size cream puff, the Jewelry Ponyo puffs are smaller and easier to eat, so both children and the elderly can enjoy them, too.

As the product comes frozen, you can enjoy it in three ways:

  • Partially thawed as a chill dessert: the sweets will have a texture of ice cream
  • Completely thawed as a luxurious cream puff
  • Baked: the cream melts a little, and the dough becomes chewier

Related Information

  • Product name: Jewelry Ponyo (box)
  • Flavors included: pistachio, chocolate, strawberry, rare cheesecake, Mont Blanc
  • Quantity: five cream puffs in total (each one with a different flavor)
  • Price: 1,080 yen (tax included)

You can purchase it at the Bluecoco Online Store Jewelry Ponyo Page.

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