Chocolate-dipped banana on a stick, known as チョコバナナ choko banana, is a typical food served at 縁日 en'nichi Japanese summer festival stalls, such as the one you can see below.


Not only do they feature the winning combination of chocolate and banana but they're easy to make and fun to eat. Some vendors will add sprinkles but that's about as fancy as they get, at least in festival stalls.

But what if a master chocolatier were to make an all-out artistic effort with this simple stall snack?

Maximum-effort choko banana "looks hard to eat"!

Japanese chocolatier and Twitter user こし?チョコ Cossy Choco (@chocossy_) posted a video with the comment: "This is a very straightforward way to make chocolate-dipped bananas on a stick. The secret ingredient is very important."

But don't take his words literally. Cossy Choco may make his chocolates sweet but it would seem that he prefers the bitterness of irony when it comes to humor.

It's so beautifully and intricately decorated that it's no longer a run-of-the-mill chocolate-dipped banana.

It's hard to know where to start eating it, and it would be a shame to break such a beautiful decoration in the first place.

Many viewers thought so, leaving comments such as, "What an aristocratic choko banana" "Too beautiful," and "Difficult to eat in more ways than one."

If such a gorgeous chocolate-dipped banana on a stick a were sold at a summer festival stall, it would definitely catch your eye and undoubtedly leave your wallet substantially lighter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.