The life of a Japanese mascot is not as fun as it may seem--while some major yurukyara (literally translated as “gentle character”) get to be in television commercials or even feud with John Olliver, more minor and local mascots have to deal with some more mundane issues.

Keisei Panda, the mascot of Keisei Electric Railway, is one such character. Twitter user Natorium (@natoriumu1023) recently ran into the panda mascot while photographing the Kanto Railway Kiha532 Diesel Train at the Ryugasaki Line of the Kanto Railway.

However the train itself isn't what stands out the most from Natorium's photography. Keisei Panda appears to have run into some trouble in boarding the train, thanks to his particularly large head!

Source: @natoriumu1023

During particularly bad rush hour at train stations in Japan, it's not an uncommon sight for station staff to help pack in crowded trains so that the doors may safely close before the train departs. In this case, however, it's only one passenger who requires assistance, and for good reason--Keisei Panda's head is simply too big to pass through the doorways.

Perhaps the panda will turn sideways next time, and maybe appreciate that the hospitality of Japanese train staff extends to mascots as well!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.