One of the charms, as well as most frustrating aspects of the many gacha capsule toy vending machines that are popular in Japan is that your purchased item is awarded to you at random. Many a yen has been spent by hopefuls who repeatedly try to land their preferred capsule toy, while others are content with the randomly selected prize.

While that's not a dilemma one expects to face when buying a drink from a standard vending machine, Japanese Twitter user Ave Manav (@hotateyasan) recently discovered that the extreme cold of winter in Mutsu City, Aomori Prefecture can make that so.

Ave Manav recently shared a photo of a local vending machine with the caption "The vending machine is a gacha", and it's pretty clear why!

Source: @hotateyasan

In Mutsu, where temperatures are known to drop below freezing in the winter, heavy snowfall has completely obscured the normally visible drink menu. While you can make out the money insertion slots, you'd essentially be leaving your drink order up to fate.

Many left comments, amused by a gacha vending machine made by nature, but also wowed by the the situation:

"If you were to gamble on this and end up with a cold drink, that'd be the worst."

"Even if you can put money in the machine, I don't think you can take out the change or the product because the lid is frozen."

"Don't think it, feel it."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.