While Japanese mascots are known for their ability to anthropomorphize just about any regional specialty or delicacy into a cute character, there are quite a few peculiar ones such as creepy evolving fish and living menstrual cycle superheroes.

Suntory is teaming up with five of Japan's five most famous mascots to make things even stranger, however, by fueling them with their long-selling vitamin and royal jelly based energy drink Dekavita C. In a new commercial for the drink, popular mascots Kapal, Kumamon, Sento-kun, Nyango Star, and Funassyi down the energy drink and turn into kaiju-esque beast versions of themselves!

The commercial is part of a campaign to "revitalize" the respective prefectures of each mascot by powering them up with a load of Dekavita C as fuel.

Kumamon (Kumamoto prefecture)

Kumamoto's affable black bear who may just be Japan's most iconic regional mascot and a merchandise king.

Funassyi (Chiba)

The unofficial mascot of Funabashi city. The pear fairy is probably most well known overseas for a GIF of it running through a minefield on a Japanese TV show.

Nyango Star (Aomori)

A hybrid between a cat and Aomori's famous apples, who also happens to be a killer drummer that loves legendary Japanese rock band X-Japan.

Kapal (Saitama Prefecture)

Shiki city's mascot is a kappa, a Japanese folklore goblin, and is obsessed with cucumbers and plays the bass.

Sento-kun (Nara)

A wandering "messenger of the gods" who sports the antlers of Nara's famous deer and is inspired by the region's giant Buddha. He is also credited by some with kicking off a wave of "ugly-cute" mascots in Japan.

By - Big Neko.