Cat owners have to constantly be on their toes and alert that their kitty may show up in unexpected places, such as when they decide to alter your hot pot dinner plans or randomly liquify in open containers.

Japanese Twitter user and Elizabeth (@Elizabeth02l6) recently learned that cleaning out their rice cooker is one of those instances where you have to keep an eye out for your cat.

Elizabeth had removed the inner portion of her rice cooker for some routine cleaning, and before she knew it was greeted with the sight of her cat taking up perfectly fitted residence in it with an expression that seems to say "so you're wondering how I got here..."

Source: @Elizabeth02l6

Elizabeth shared the photo of her rice cooker loving cat with the caption "wait a minute, my cat is so cute I might just cook it like this" jokingly. Many in the comments were charmed by the cat's perfect fit in the rice cooker and derpy expression, with some saying the rice had been cooked to perfect fluffiness.

Elizabeth also revealed that when she asked the cat what exactly it was doing, they immediately looked away and avoided eye contact.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.