The Iida Yakiniku World Record Challenge Executive Committee, which aims to revitalize the region by utilizing the yakiniku culture of Iida City 飯田市, Nagano Prefecture, Japan's number one yakiniku town*, will hold a Guinness World Record challenge for "longest griddle." The iron griddle, or teppan 鉄板 is the symbol of yakiniku recognized throughout Japan.

On "Good Meat Day," November 29th (since the numbers 1-1-2-9 can spell īniku いい肉, meaning "good meat") from 13:00, the Iida Station Multi-Purpose Plaza (Ai Park) and Iida City will co-host this epic challenge featuring a record-setting 11.29-meter long iron griddle.

* The number of yakiniku restaurants per 10,000 people is the highest in Japan as of January 2021, according to the Minami Shinshu Livestock Products Brand Promotion Council.

In addition to Official Adjudicator Tomomi Sekioka and Iida City mayor Takeshi Sato, the event will be attended by Iida Industry Goodwill Ambassador (yakiniku ambassador) Nicchiro ニッチロー, a celebrity lookalike for Japanese former professional baseball outfielder Ichiro.

Taking advantage of its leading role in Japanese yakiniku and in anticipation of the opening of the Chuo Shinkansen Line (Maglev) scheduled to open as early as 2027, Iida City has implemented many initiatives in the region, using Iida yakiniku and other local assets.

By setting a Guinness World Record, which has the potential to bring national and international attention to Iida, the committee hopes to add momentum to regional revitalization efforts, not limited to yakiniku-related activities.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.