It’s coming up to 25 years since Tamagotchi first started teaching kids how hard it is to take responsibility for a tiny animal with various daily needs. This milestone is surely making many people feel quite old, but it’s still an occasion to be celebrated, which is why a Tamagotchi pop-up store has appeared in Tokyo.

The merchandise on offer includes key rings and tote bags, and even features new characters from the Tamagotchi Smart range, as well as the classics.

The lineup is called ‘Tamagotchi Dot’, and it has has plenty of the original pixel art for nostalgic fans. The first generation of Tamagotchi landed in 1996, so the items inspired by this generation have a cute, retro design.

Merchandise featuring the new characters has a more colourful and poppy feel.

The pop-up store itself is only around for a very limited time, until 28th November, opening from 11am to 6pm each day. It’s located at ZeroBase Jingumae in Shibuya, Tokyo. Check out the product page on the Bandai website for more information about the Tamagotchi themed stuff up for grabs!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.