Japanese Twitter user Toragozen (@torachiyo__) lives with Torachiyo, their beloved pet chinchilla, and has been posting daily photos and videos of Torachiyo as a diary documenting his growth.

Torachiyo is only 5 months old, but is full of energy! Everything seems new to him, and he is brimming with curiosity.

Although it's so wonderful that he’s healthy and energetic, at times he can also be unpredictable with his behavior.

Here’s a good example of Torachiyo’s unpredictable behavior that just makes you scream “Nooooooooo!”

Source: @torachiyo__

“A chinchilla that destroys your glasses with a big smile on its face.”

Torachiyo, with a big smile on his face, is looking right at the camera. His adorable smiley face just makes you smile, too.

BUT, pay attention to what he’s doing here for a moment… it’s the owner’s glasses that he’s chewing on…!

As rodents, chinchillas have a strong biting habit. It won’t take long until he snaps the glasses with the smile still on his face!

This photo of his naughty behavior with such an angelic smile on his face quickly went viral , winning over a lot of laughter and comments on Twitter.

“His smile just made me laugh” and “You have to forgive him” were some of the comments left on the post.

Just maybe, the chinchilla knew his own cuteness while causing such trouble!

By - Mugi.