Shiba Inu have shown no problem in the past making the internet their playground with adorable antics such as looking impossibly happy in a swing, or using their humans as doggy-stilts. Now as it turns out, they can even pull off their perfect mix of silly and adorable in their sleep!

Japanese Twitter user and dog lover @_kin_taro_ posted this cute picture of their sleeping Shiba, who looks to be practicing the most adorable yoga pose ever. As an example of perhaps some cultural difference in terms of what people would associate the amusing pose with, @_kin_taro_ and other Twitter users remarked that the sleeping Shiba looked like a Daphnia, or water flea.

While it may not be the first comparison to come to mind for you, it appears that the pose is not a first time occurrence for the Shiba, named Dan. @_kin_taro_ dug up some photo proof that Dan has a habit of taking doggy-naps in this particular position.

The popular Tweet has revealed that the adorable pose isn't trademark unique to Dan, however. After the Shiba became an internet celebrity, other Japanese Twitter users started offering up pictures of their own pets in similar poses, using the hashtag #ミジンコ寝 (#Sleepingdaphnia, roughly).

While they don't quite capture Dan's perfectly odd way of hugging his legs, we expect to see more and more photos of pets who know how to improvise when it comes to cuddle buddies.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.