If you walk down the right alleyway in Tokyo, you can find anything, and that goes for video game arcades as well.

If you're familiar with taiko, traditional Japanese drumming, you are probably aware that by nature of the discipline and art form, it provides for some very spirited and animated performances. The same can be said of Taiko no Tatsujin (Taiko Master), an incredibly popular taiko-themed arcade game in Japan that requires players to strike taiko drums in rhythmic succession, according to the songs and beat-stroke instructions displayed on the screen.

It's not as grueling as an authentic taiko performance, but truly competitive types will find themselves caught up in it--much like this Tokyo man who was recently spotted in a wildly enthused trance wile beating the hell out of the Taiko Master drums.

Things start out a bit slow, but soon enough you learn that he's quite aware of the crowd of adoring fans that have gathered to see his antics, and he does it all. Behind-the-back moves, spin-moves, reclining moves--and our favorite--a gyrating pelvis technique! Quite the showman, he gives an appreciative bow to the crowd as he finishes.

...wait a minute, have we seen this guy somewhere before? The quality isn't as good, and the hair a bit different, but those moves are strikingly similar to this man who became somewhat of an arcade celebrity for his Taiko no Tatsujin performance.

That's gotta be him! And if not, then he's definitely a spiritual successor, fueled by the badassness of taiko and a love for video games.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.