NMB48 is a popular Japanese idol group based in the Kansai area in Japan, and has been appointed the official ambassador for an app called Gurume Ōen SNS: Gematosu グルメ応援SNS ゲマトス (Social media to support gourmet dining: Gematosu).

It is an app for supporting the gourmet/restaurant industry. The three letters in the group’s name come from Namba, one of the big districts in Osaka prefecture. Osaka prefecture is part of a group of six prefectures known as the Kansai area.

This is part of a project to help restaurants that have fallen onto hard times because of the pandemic. The project, Kansai kara Nihon o Genki ni Suruzo! Purojekuto 関西からニッポンを元気にするぞ!プロジェクト (Let’s cheer Japan up from the Kansai area!) is organized by Asahi Dream Create Co., Ltd.

What is Gematosu?

Gematosu is a platform where customers can support their favorite restaurants, cafés, and other food places by uploading short videos. Restaurants that join this project can also upload videos to introduce their own shops!

Don’t get the wrong impression. Gematosu isn't just like any other foodie app with a video feature. What makes Gematosu special is its monetization features. One view of your video is considered one point. One point is one JPY. The more people who watch your video, the more you can receive the points. The points can be exchanged for PayPay gifts in 1000 yen increments.

How to use Gematosu

The app is very easy to use! Only three steps to follow!

  • 1. Go to a restaurant participating in the project and take a short video. The length of your video should be between 60 seconds and 120 seconds. Include the restaurant’s characteristics, your recommended food, introduction of the waitstaff and more!
  • 2. Upload the video to Gematosu!
  • 3. Apply to get approved. Once the restaurant is approved, your video will be public.

Visit their official website to learn more details!

Other good things about Gematosu

The app not only offers convenient information for customers but also provides practical advice about digital marketing, recruiting, and other management topics. Of course, these services are available for free.

Five official cute ambassadors from NMB48

Nagisa Shibuya 渋谷 凪咲is from Osaka prefecture. She has been the captain of team M* in NMB48 since 2019. Her nick name is Nagisa.

*NMB48 consists of three small teams: Team N, Team M, and Team B.

Rei Jōnishi 上西 怜 is from Shiga prefecture. Her nickname is れーちゃん(Rē-chan).

Wakana Abe 安部 若菜is from Osaka prefecture. Her nickname is わかぽん wakapon.

Chiro Kawakami 川上千尋 is from Osaka. Her nickname is ちっひー Chihhī.

Karen Hara 原 かれん is from Osaka prefecture. Her nickname is かれんたん Karentan.

Let’s support restaurants and other food places through Gematosu together!


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).