If you’re a JRPG fan, you may already be enjoying Shin Megami Tensei V 真・女神転生V which was released on November 11th this year.

But did you know that there is one more thing you can enjoy? Introducing the Shin Megami Tensei V collaboration Japanese rice wine: “Daiginjō Nahobinokami” 真・女神転生V コラボ日本酒『大吟醸 直毘神』! They have already started pre-orders and it will go on sale starting December 14th.

This is a part of a project called the Sake Tsunagi Project 酒繋ぎプロジェクト (which means “Japanese rice wine network project.”)

The purpose of this project is to develop new products by collaborating with impactful Japanese content and to find new possibilities in each genre. If you visit their official website, you’ll find other unique Japanese rice wine produced in collaboration with popular anime and manga such as Shaman King (シャーマンキング shāman kingu), Cells at Work (はたらく細胞 hataraku saibō) and more.

More about the Shin Megami Tensei Japanese rice wine

There are three reasons why this Japanese rice wine is special and attractive.

1. The stylish label

This is a very striking illustration, isn’t it? The character with the mysterious atmosphere and strong aura on the bottle is called Nahobino ナホビノ, a forbidden deity. Nahobino is the transformed protagonist after he has fused with Aogami アオガミ, the proto-fiend. This rice wine ships in a 720ml bottle.

2. The premier rank Japanese rice wine: Dainginjō

Japanese rice wine, also known as Japanese sake, is generally categorized into nine types. Among the nine types, there are two premier types, and this collab Japanese rice wine is one of the two: daiginjō 大吟醸. Daiginjō is made from rice, kōji (麹 sake mold), and distilled alcohol. One of the factors that decides the quality of a Japanese rice wine is the percentage of the outer rice layers that have been polished away. The greater the number of outer rice layers removed, the smoother and more refreshing the taste of Japanese sake becomes. The polishing rate of lower ranks of Japanese rice wine, such as honjōzō 本醸造, is around 20% lower than daiginjō’s.

In addition, this product is made by Sawanoi/Ozawa Brewery 澤乃井・小澤酒造, one of the Japanese rice breweries with the longest tradition and greatest brand recognition in Japan. This is a top-rank Japanese rice wine made by a great brewery! How luxurious!

3. The sophisticated wooden box

As mentioned above, the drink itself is very high quality, but this wooden box makes the product more special!

The wooden box is called kiribako 桐箱. Kiri 桐 means paulownia and 箱 bako means box, so 桐箱 literally means a box made of paulownia wood. Paulownia is light and resistant to humidity. Therefore, in Japan, kiribako have been historically used for storing very important things such as tools for Japanese tea ceremony, antiques, and expensive gifts.

Shin Megami Tensei V is a game which players fight demons using the power of Nahobino, which is gained through fusion with Aogami. Why don’t you enjoy your own fusion with Nahobino through this quality Japanese rice wine?


  • Product name: Shin Megami Tensei V collaboration Japanese rice wine “Daiginjo Nahobinokami” 真・女神転生V コラボ日本酒『大吟醸』直毘神
  • Amount: 720ml
  • Price: 11,000JPY (tax included)
  • Pre-order: Started from December 1st
  • On sale: December 14th
  • Delivery: The item will be shipped within three weeks from your order
  • Official website of the Saketsunagi project (for pre-order & purchase)
  • Official website of Sawanoi/Ozawashuzo (for purchase only)
  • Note: You may need to use a proxy shopping service such as Buyee or White Rabbit Express if you'd like to have it shipped internationally. Also note that alcohol shipments into some countries, such as the USA and Canada, are banned.

By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).