Japan releases new umeshu (Japanese plum wine) flavored Kit Kats.

When not asking you to vote on and create the latest Kit Kat flavor or making the world's first ruby chocolate bar, Nestle Japan seems to be padding their resume with exclusive regional Japanese flavors such as double rich matcha and premium sake. Now as a follow up to their hit sake Kit Kats, Nestle is releasing chocolate bars inspired by another favorite Japanese liqueur in the form of umeshu Kit Kats!

As with the Premium Masuizumi Japan Sake Kit Kat, Nestle is teaming up with a distinguished umeshu maker in Heiwa Shuzou to capture the deep taste of high quality Japanese plum wine. This latest release makes use of carefully selected Nanko ume (Nanko plums) from Wakayama prefecture, especially large Japanese plums regarded as the best ume, and are known for their soft pulp and rich taste and texture.

The Kit Kats also contain a powdered form of "Tsuruume Suppai Umeshu", a high quality umeshu with a sake (not the usual shochu) base.

According to a press release, these umeshu Kit Kat bars contain the sweet and deep flavor of a ripe Japanese plum, delicately balanced with white chocolate, a strong aroma, and refreshing aftertaste.

Popular former soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata is once again collaborating with Nestle Japan in an effort to promote traditional Japanese industries. After his soccer career wrapped up, Nakata became a sake connoisseur and worked closely as a producer on the project and hopes the collaboration can help make umeshu more popular internationally.

The Kit Kat Umeshu Tsuruume comes especially decorated with a picture of a sake bottle wrapped in pure white cloth, which is usually done to indicate that the sake is of the highest quality. Packages containing 9 Kit Kat bars are slated to go on sale in Japan for 700 yen, at all Kit Kat shops and a variety of souvenir stores.

By - Big Neko.