It might be hard to think of a fashionable accessory with Japan's edible melonpan mask, but Japanese handicraft store Otsuka-ya (@otsukayanetshop) may have whipped up the perfect option.

Otsuka-ya recently shared a handmade pochette that has been catching quite a few eyes on the net, particularly because it puts one of Japan's favorite sweet rolls at her hip!

The bag is an incredibly realistic reproduction of anpan, classic Japanese sweet rolls filled usually with red bean paste, and topped with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Otsuka-ya's charming taking on anpan as a pochette really shows off their handmade talent, as the roll features toasted marks and bumps that really bring it to life--perhaps even inviting a bite!

Unfortunately, the pochette is not a mass produced product, and just a handmade design for the store. Hopefully the positive response online might convince Otsuka-ya to throw another few bags in the oven.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.